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CAVITY!! what it is all about?

CAVITY!! what it is all about?

This is a informational post, it has certain limits, we try to summarize as much as we can, for more details visit our Dental Clinic in Rohini at Kapil Dental Clinic and Implant Center. Cavity also known as tooth decay, has become so common nowadays. Cavities are greatly influenced by our lifestyle, dietary habits, daily routine, oral hygiene habits, presence of fluoride in water and toothpaste.  They are not common only in children but also affecting the adults at the same rate.
The hardest layer of tooth is known as Enamel which is composed of various minerals. Whenever we eat foods and drinks that contain sugars or starch some of the particles stick to the teeth and remain there for several hours forming a layer over the tooth`s surface known as PLAQUE. Our mouth contains millions of bacteria. As we are not in a habit of night brushing these bacteria get enough time to accumulate and feed over there. As a result, these bacteria …
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How To Repair A Broken Or Discolored Teeth???

How To Repair A Broken Or Discolored Teeth ???
We,Kapil Dental Clinic And Implant Center are here with the latest technique by which a broken tooth can be repaired i.e. VENEERING. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials that are bonded to the surface of the front teeth to correct the imperfections of the teeth. They give a natural appearance to the teeth and teeth look attractive. Veneering is a cosmetic technique that improves the appearance of the teeth and create a durable and pleasing smile. The two most commonly used materials in dental veneers are composite resin and porcelain. Veneering can be done in following cases: Tooth discoloration due to any smoking stains or fluorosis.Broken or chipped teethAttrited teethGap between the front teeth or misaligned teethIrregular tooth lengthIf teeth are uneven
Veneers require 2-3 dental visits. And with proper care they may last for 5 to 10 years.
PROCEDURE Our Cosmetic Dentist at "Kapil Dental Clinic And Implant…


There are lot of people who wake up in the morning welcomed with a jaw pain and a dull headacahe. U MIGHT BE GRINDING YOUR TEETH ALL THROUGH NIGHT while trailing along dreamland and you might not even noticed it ever.

various studies dedicated on grinding of teeth or clenching of jaws reveal that over 90% of the population experience it at some fact,experts say that  two or three out of every 10 kids will grind or clench,but most outgrow it.

Our bodies respond well to our emeotions even when we are sleeping.this makes it even harder to daignose because you may not even realize you are doing it.

The most common causes of sleep bruxism  are STRESS,ANGER AND DEPRESSION.
antidepressent drugs are also known to trigger this condition

people who have misaligned upper and lower teeth shows greater tendency of clenching their jaws

Bruxism may lead to noticeable facial pain,fractures teeth,clenching wears down the tooth enamel and it also increases teeth senstivity …

when you actually need a ROOT CANAL!!!!!!!!

  what is a  ROOT CANAL? when the tissue inside your tooth becomes decayed,injured,or infected,our dentist will remove it through small access hole in the top of your tooth,this is known as ROOT CANAL THERAPY.
once we,re sure the infection is cleaned out we,ll seal your tooth with a temporary filling,and allow it time to heal.

yes......its time to get root canal treatment All of a sudden when you experience severe pain and senstivity in your tooth while enjoying ice cream with your friends.when you experience this type of pain  it's an indicator that your tooth is decayed or fractured,and it may be affecting the root of your tooth.

Does root canal treatment pain a lot? Root canals are one of the most misunderstood dental procedurs beacuse many patients associate them with pain but in reality the pain is only and only because of infection of tooth not beacuse of procedure.Although root canal therapy minimises your pain and preserve your natural tooth structure
and our dentist in rohi…

Do i really need to get my WISDOM TEETH removed?????

very often a problem is arising among patients that if there is no pain in my wisdom tooth then why should i get it removed. There are various factors for which the removal should be done even if there is no pain.The wisdom teeth have an average age of eruption i.e 17-21yrs.and after this age the tooth loses its eruption potential and the various problem arises
just because your wisdom teeth aren't  paining doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. the TEETH could be stuck,or imapcted.which means they can't break through your jaw and into your oral cavity.maybe your oral cavity is too samll to make space for them.

variuos factors in which removal should be done-

INFLAMED GUMS:Tissue around the area can swell and may be hard to clean and which may further progress to infection.

JAW DAMAGE:cysts can form around new teth .if they aren't treated ,they canhollow out your jaw and may damage nerves.

DAMAGE TO OTHER TEETH:Those wisdom teeth can push your other teeth around,causing…

will my teeth get SENSITIVE after scaling(cleaning)??????

These days a major query is arising among patients is SENSITIVITY AFTER SCALING.
 i must say the results after scaling may vary from patient to patient as if in a patient deposition is deep i.e under gums "which requires deep cleaning" will show sensitivity. BUT if the deposition of plaque and tartar is only on superficial areas of teeth then there isno chance of senstivity
sensitivity is basically due to deep cleaning in which scaling along with root planing is performed,which involves the use of tools between the gums and tooth roots to remove plaque nad tartar on root surfaces.
Taking good care of your teeth after a deep cleaning treatment helps your gums heal by reducing the common triggers of pain and sensitivity.For this you need to brush your teeth with soft bristles toothbrush and  antisensitive toothpaste while your gums are sore and at the same time avoid  eating foods and drinks that set off your sensitivity.
This treatment can cause minimal discomfort which usual…

BRACES!!! will my teeth get loose and fall down...

Many of the patients ask now a days . will my teeth become loose and fall down if, i get the braces? the answer is aNO!!!!!!
 As soon as you get the braces the forces upon the teeth makes it to move which gives a feeling of it getting loose and looks like eventually it will fall down.Its a normal way of tooth movement in order to achieve treatment success.

Force level varies from patient to patient. If someone is having Gingivitis ( inflammation of gums) then the force level has to be kept low in order to achieve maximum clinical results with minimal side effects. Our 'ORTHODONTIST IN ROHINI' make sure to treat every patient accordingly.

we can't deny the fact that small changes occur after the placement of braces. the force level that is exerted on the root of the teeth will make a small amount of resorption, but that is negligible.
If one is using heavy forces (that should not be used), or some times it happen that patient insist for heavy forces as patient feel more amo…