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Dental courses:FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the courses conducted by 

Q. These courses are recognized by the Dental Council of India ?

A. No. We are not recognized by the Dental Council of India but DCI has no objections with such courses being conducted. As we can see around ourself a no. of institutes offer these courses.

Q. Does these courses makes you equivalent to a dental graduate or a degree course?
A. No, these courses are not equivalent to a degree course. These courses are designed to increase the depth knowledge of various subjects as we know at graduation level we are not taught certain basic procedures or we lack the practical knowledge and confidence of doing patients in a private clinic.

Q. does various bodies like Indian prosthodontic society, Indian orthodontic society etc. Gives validation to these kind of programmes?
A. these bodies are a set of association of various specialists not a governing bodies. So there validation doesnot matter and they cannot deny these programmes as DCI doesnot have any objection to them.

Q. Can i do all type of treatment after this programme?
A. it is practically not possible to do all kind of treatment by a dentist.but these programes are specifically designed so as to maximize the benefit and do a no. of cases at your own.

Q. how much time it takes?
A. Depending upon the course you opt for the time duration can vary.

Q. Can I also do Orthodontic Cases?
A. Yes you will be able to treat with most of the maloccluisons.

Q. Where are your centers?
A. Currently we have center in Delhi and NCR only.

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