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FLOSSING - Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Clean

There are a lot of personal findings that a dentist come across his life. What I have observed here as a " Dentist in Rohini" is that almost 30 - 40 % of people lie about there Flossing habits. I also meet a lot of dental colleagues and have visited a lot of "Dental clinic in Rohini" and asked questions and observed that this is the scenario all over.
The question that lingers in my mind is that why people find it so difficult to Floss, why they avoid doing Flossing. 
Do you know only 2 people out of 10 Floss
According to Dentist worldwide, One of the most important habit to develop is Flossing. The benefits cannot be overlooked. One of the main cause of proximal caries ( decay in teeth on contacting surface ) is because of lack of Flossing. A lot of gum disease are also caused by the improper Flossing. In India, Only 2 out of 10 people floss. A lot are not aware of its benefits. If one already has a gum disease then it is must for the person to floss in order to avoid further aggravation of problem.
Excuses to avoid flossing
One of the most common reason is shortage of time. 
Dentist always advice to Floss after every meal. That is generally not possible for everyone. I would rather suggest that be a multitasker. Develop a habit of doing Flossing while doing some other work. Slowly and steadily you will develop a habit of Flossing. Because sparing time for flossing is a difficult task for everyone. Although the 2 minutes devoted to it can lead to prevention of any dental caries or any gum disease and also it can save a huge amount of money on Dental expenditure.
The other reason is that they don't know how to Floss at all. 

The second problem is the method of Flossing. For this thing one can easily visit a dentist and can learn how to Floss. And in today's internet generation one can also find method on youtbe easily.
Third can be like tight contacts between teeth. 
The third thing is the tight contacts. For this reason one can use a floss that has a polytetrafluoroethylene, It makes it very slippery thus enabling it to go easily in tight contacts.

Alternatives to flossing

A lot of alternatives are available in market now a days like water picks, tooth picks, soft bristles brush that they claim to be very thin. But these are not even near to what Floss can do really. So one should always Floss. It is a time tested method.

Adjunct to brushing

Brushing combined with Flossing help you gain a better smile as it helps in reducing the plaque accumulation which on hardening leads to formation of calculus. And also can lead to cavities. So it a combination that is made for each other. One augments the good effect of others.

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