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Life can be very difficult if one has to come across embarrassment on a daily basis. Pain in teeth, Unaesthetic smile, Problem with eating can make life worse. A number of these problems can be treated. All thanks to the recent development of the diagnostic science, Introduction of newer materials and clinical expertise these problems can be treated. we at Dr. Dentiste use latest of material and equipment  and best of clinical expertise to treat our patients.
 Someone rightly said "Invest in your smile you wear it everyday". this is true in today's scenario.

BRACES And Their Importance
Braces are recommended for a lot of different procedures like misaligned teeth, protruded teeth etc. Although a number of times normal looking teeth may require braces to correct for bite.
There are a lot of health benefits also of the braces. These are abundant and help explain the importance of braces. Crooked, Misplaced and Crowded teeth make cleaning much more difficult, Thus causing an enormous risk of tooth decay- which is not only unsightly and painful, but also affects the overall health of the rest of your body as well. In some cases, though, a person with what would be considered straight teeth may have been told that they are a candidate for braces because of their bite. This is not something to be taken lightly or ignored- an Overbite, Underbite or other jaw misalignment s can not only become incredibly painful later in life, but they can also affect wear and tear on your teeth. Of course, abnormal wear and tear can cause a tooth to be cracked, can wear away at enamel, and cause a number of life long problems to face. With all of these facts added up, the time spent with braces is very minimal compared to a lifetime of dental problems.
There are times when braces are used for vanity sake, and that's ok. A confident smile can make a world of difference in one's life and can affect job performance, social interaction, and much more. It is proven that lack of confidence can have a very strong negative effect on someone's life, and no one should feel the need to hide behind their smile. Patients of all ages van obtain the look they want, and with so many new options available, there is no reason not to speak to your dentist about which option suits you best. you deserve the best smile possible!

Not sure if you need braces!!!!
visit us on our website  or our facebook page and  book an appointment at Kapil Dental Clinic And Implant Center. our "Orthodontist in Rohini" will help you and guide you in assessment whether you need braces or not?
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